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Idiot Christian Glorifies the Free Will of Man Over God's
daniel knight

I was just listening to KKOB, where two sports hosts were promoting the legalization of prostitution, and a stupid stupid sicko Christian just called in to give false praise to God while babbling on and on about mankind's free will (G, let me guess, could you be a Arminian?) and how God will send people to Hell who disobey him, but ended his call with not condemnation of prostitution but saying he wouldn't judge anyone. HUH? YOU JUST SAID THOSE WHO DISOBEY GOD WILL GO TO HELL. OF COURSE YOU'RE JUDGING. But the hosts then praised the caller basically saying "wow" because he said he wouldn't judge anyone for doing "whatever" one of the host said. And one of the hosts ludicrously said "the problem with those type of calls..." (as in calls from fundamentalist Christians who try to convince people that their religion is right, not that Arminian one) is that "people have their own beliefs and you can't change their opinion". UM MORON, MASSIVE MORON, EVER HEARD OF AN X-CHRISTIAN? EVER HEARD OF A CONVERT? Are you so massively stupid that you think people are born religious and that people fall away or become another religion cuz no one was trying to persuade them? God you're stupid, and so was that sickening man-praise-seeking Arminian. Shut up about free will already, just shut up about it! YES WE HAVE FREE WILL WHAT IS YOUR POINT IF NO ONE IS TO JUDGE ANYONE FOR WHAT THEY DO? God, shut up and stop pretending to be wise noble know-it-alls! Sickening!

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Daniel Knight,

It's obvious you lacked the intellect and originality to post something other than the same ridiculous, stupidity filled dreck each time you posted multiple times at Fundie Watch.

Way to back up the assertion that most of you are funtionally illiterate and have room-temperature IQs! I mean, we already knew your kind were complete fucking knuckle draggers, but you provided far more proof than was necessary. Thank you! Your grammatically hideous, poorly spelled contribution(s) go a long way toward removing all doubt regarding the collective intelligence (or glaring lack thereof), of the average fundie.

Keep up the good work!

"Daniel Knight,

It's obvious you lacked the intellect and originality to post something other than the same ridiculous, stupidity filled dreck each time you posted multiple times at Fundie Watch."


It's obvious you lack the wisdom to post something other than the same ridiculous, stupidity filled dreck each time you post against fundamentalist Christians, and must repeatedly resort to using the name "Fundie" to make sure that your mere hate takes the center stage rather than your usual unoriginal ranting.

Super moron: FACTS, YOU MORON, FACTS, YOU MORON, FACTS YOU THICK SKULLED STUBBORN MORON, FACTS YOU MORON, THE TRUTH YOU MORON, REALITY YOU MORON IS WHAT MATTERS YOU IDIOT, NOT "OOOOOH NANNY NANNY U WEREN'T ORIGINAL HAHAHAH LOL". What a stupid idiot you are. And who said repetition to ear-plugged stubborn morons like you was bad? Since when is repitition and of itself bad you moron? DUUUUUR: YOU ARE A MORON WHO DOESN'T KNOW THE UTTER OBVIOUS. You repeat and do the same things all the time moron, therefore according to your own "Though shalt hate repetition" law YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE AND MORON!

your mere word doesn't make you right, super moron your mere emotions don't make you right (let alone your hatred super moron), and super moron, I'm a Christian, not an "Originalist" you childish moron. Who said Christianity was about being original for your personal enjoyment stupid? Who said life was about being original stupid? That is why you reject the Bible and the commandments, including: DON'T LIE.

Who said repetition was bad you moron? Poor whiner criminal doesn't like being repeatedly told why he's wrong over and over, instead he wants fancy shows and acting and uh, uh, what qualifies as original you dummy? See you confused idiot: you wouldn't need to be repeatedly told the same basic things if you would accept them, and yet you blame the "fundies" for your stubborness and lack of learning anything original. That's you'r fault moron. Stop blaming God and those who love him for your dismal life.

And contradictory moron, once again, I repeat stupid: Obey your own laws dummy: be original and stop using the same words over and over, make up new words and a new language like the true idiot you are and misdefine words in new ways so that people will understand your stupid contradictory self even less.

And moron: do u really think I'd read past your unoriginal pretentious hypocritical rant past that first part I quoted, when you're a typical moron insult machine?

And evil evil moron: What matters more stupid: repeating to each one of your posts with' the correct reply (and no deliberate "retard" liar: it wasn't mere repetition) is wrong? And notice massively evil idiot: you focus on the "repetition" and not whether or not I refuted you logically? Notice evil moron that all you did here was make mere claims and insults? See dummy: YOU DON'T LISTEN DEMON POSSESSED MORON: ALL YOU DO IS REPEAT DEMON POSSESSED MORON: ALL YOU DO IS ACCUSE OTHERS OF THE VERY THING YOU DO, BLIND TO YOUR OWN HYPOCRITICAL ACTIONS DUE TO YOUR EXTREME REASONLESS HATE. YOU ARE A MASSIVE SUPER MORON AND MASSIVE SUPER HYPOCRITE.

Now stop copying the scientific research and work of Christians, stop copying narcissist actors on television, thinking that using high words makes you wise, thinking that acting like you're God makes you wise and undefeatable, stop copying Christians in an attempt to look like you are the wise and moral one.

Was that original enough for you ranting loser? Wasn't this just all so obvious dummy? Obviously. So obvious. What an obviously unoriginal idiot you are. But that's not obvious to arrogant prideful morons like you who think they speak for the entire world when they say "obviously."

Next time moron, don't use the word obvious if you're going to babble about how important originality is. God ur a stupid moron eh?

And moron, if I'm not original, how do you explain my posts on different subjects? OOOPSIE: UR A BABY BRAINED MORON WHO MAKES CHILDISH INSULTS, SO CHILDISH ANYONE WITH A BRAIN CAN SEE THEY ARE WRONG. Why are you so infantile that you say what's clearly wrong? How unoriginal! How do you explain my original sentences? Childish "retard" much? You obviously lack the intellect to read anything but repetition, and can't be bothered to read much at all except your own gay criminal whining repitition on the same subjects over and over Mr. FUNDIE WATCH (obsessed with the same subject much Mr. I'm Original and Against Repetition much? Do as you say (Don't speak against me waaaaah or I'll make arbitrary accusations agianst you waaaaaah) but not as you do huh? Stop whining about Mr. "I only hear and see what I want to hear and see" idiot hypocrite.

What's it like knowing that you are a lover of baby-torture and murder and encourage it on top of it? No wonder you hate life so much: You can't stand seeing the same good things over and over again and obsess on the same things all day long. Why not learn you reality-hating idiot? Is it really so hard to learn new information? Why are you such lazy-minded idiot? Get that def dumb and blind demon out of you stupid!

The Bible commands me not to argue with ignorant idiots like yourself, you're too much of a baby brain to listen to. Learn to accept correction whining criminal, then people with "intellect" will listen to you Mr. Er Me God Me Smart Me Use Dah Word Intillekt n Drek, Heeeee!

Grow up retard, you have the behavior or a little baby.


Holy shit - that was the funniest thing I've read in weeks!!

There's no way you could be serious. I have to tell you, though, you are the best Poe I've ever seen. FSTDT class!

I should have realized that sooner. Just shows how good you are.

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